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Screw Foamed And Porous Materials Together

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Screw Foamed And Porous Materials Together
Screw Foamed And Porous Materials Together

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Video: Sormat KBRM and KBRM P for porous base materials 2023, January

The special thread geometry ensures that the fastener can be placed in any position without the risk of the material splitting. In contrast to conventional screws, it is not possible to overtighten, which prevents incorrect assembly and damage. In addition, ecosyn-PXL convinces with a very high vibration resistance and tear-out strength of more than 400 N with a screw depth of ten millimeters in lightweight wooden panels. In connection with pot connectors and fittings as well as dowels, the fastener is not only extremely versatile, but can also be used several times. The screw is available in galvanized steel in lengths of 15 and 25 mm, special lengths are available on request. The KVT-Fastening ecosyn products are in-house developments,that offer a close connection between economic efficiency ("eco") and precise coordination with customer needs ("synchronous"). They arise as part of the solution engineering approach from customer requirements and are then brought to series production by KVT-Fastening. (qui)


Mount lightweight materials with flow hole-forming screws

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