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Increases The Reliability Of Wind Turbines

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Increases The Reliability Of Wind Turbines
Increases The Reliability Of Wind Turbines

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"The design of the new pitch system lowers the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) by increasing the reliability and minimizing the downtime of the wind turbine," says Dennis Webster, Managing Director of the Wind Business Unit of the Industrial Group at Moog Inc.

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LCoE measures the net cost of installing and operating a wind turbine (wind turbine) in relation to the expected energy output over its lifetime. There are a number of factors that contribute to LCoE; one of the most important is the reliability of the wind turbine. Various research results from the industry identify the pitch system as the component that primarily leads to failures and downtimes of a wind turbine, it is said. Pitch systems are exposed to harsh conditions within the rotating hub, including extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration, which results in lower reliability compared to other system components.

Significantly fewer parts

Most pitch systems used in the industry today consist of 2000 to 3000 sub-components, depending on the manufacturer. With a highly integrated and optimized architecture that consists of significantly fewer parts, the pitch system 3 is up to three times more reliable than the standard pitch systems in the industry, according to Moog. This leads to a reduction in the downtime of the wind turbine and the planned and unforeseen maintenance work.

Stay competitive

By reducing downtime and downtime caused by complex pitch systems, the Moog Pitch System 3 increases productivity and ultimately enables wind farm operators and OEMs to be more competitive in today's increasingly complex global energy landscape. (Mz)

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