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Inclination Sensor With Dynamic Acceleration Compensation

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Inclination Sensor With Dynamic Acceleration Compensation
Inclination Sensor With Dynamic Acceleration Compensation

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The new Tiltix variant should therefore be suitable for reliable inclination measurement in devices and machines that are exposed to dynamic movement stress. This also includes violent vibrations or shocks.

Gyroscope acts as a corrective

The technical background: With inclination sensors, accelerations such as B. jerky movements often lead to errors in the angle or position measurement. This dynamic ensures noise in the signals, which are determined in the three axes by the acceleration sensor used in the new variant. By additionally using a gyroscope, Posital engineers were able to eliminate this problem. According to Posital, the gyroscope acts as a corrective, with which the actual rotational speed in the different axes can be determined. The linking of the different data enables a precise determination of the actual inclination position.

According to the manufacturer, the new Tiltix inclination sensors - suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting - achieve a static accuracy of ± 0.3 °, a dynamic accuracy in the moving system of 0.5 ° and a resolution of 0.01 °. One measuring range is ± 180 °.

They are designed for use in mobile machines such as excavators, cranes, paving machines or road pavers, agricultural machinery or even in mining equipment. They are equipped with a can-open interface, further interfaces such as SAE J-1939, analog current and voltage output or Modbus are in preparation according to Posital.

The dynamic Tiltix sensors are available with a durable aluminum injection molded housing. They are shock resistant up to 100 g and offer protection up to IP69K. The operating temperature range is -40 ° C to 85 ° C. (jv)

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