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Tape-like Adhesive Adds Magnets To Electric Motors

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Tape-like Adhesive Adds Magnets To Electric Motors
Tape-like Adhesive Adds Magnets To Electric Motors

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Video: Bonding and sealing electric motors - Kisling 2023, February

When joining with conventional liquid adhesives, the air gap between the rotor and magnet must be large enough to compensate for any uneven bonding. This safety factor in the air gap design is at the expense of efficiency. The new adhesive film now makes it possible to reduce the air gap to a minimum and thus reduce the energy expenditure for the barrel drive. At the same time, the effort involved in positioning the material is reduced. Because the mixing and dosing systems and measuring equipment required for liquid adhesives are not required. At the same time, it is ensured that no adhesive escapes from the side during or after bonding and can therefore lead to reworking or scrap.

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Another advantage of the adhesive film is its uncomplicated storage, since it is not necessary to maintain a cold chain for a shelf life of six months from the time of manufacture. Storage at temperatures below 23 ° C extends the shelf life. When stored at 4 ° C, the shelf life extends to two years. The material is available as log roll goods. If you need customized widths and lengths, the dealers are available on site. The AU-205 epoxy resin adhesive film is RoHS and REACH compliant and VOC free. (qui)


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