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Hyperworks Offers Enhancements For Modeling And Assembly Creation

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Hyperworks Offers Enhancements For Modeling And Assembly Creation
Hyperworks Offers Enhancements For Modeling And Assembly Creation

Video: Hyperworks Offers Enhancements For Modeling And Assembly Creation

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Video: HyperWorks 2017: Model Build & Assembly 2023, February

"With Hyperworks 2017, we have once again significantly improved the functions for modeling and assembly creation," said James P. Dagg, Chief Technical Officer, User Experience at Altair. “Users can now communicate directly with their company-wide PLM system and save component libraries and model configurations. Tasks such as For example, building models with multiple configurations for different simulation disciplines can now be done in a matter of minutes.”

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The 2nd user meeting for lightweight construction will take place on May 30 and 31, 2017 in Würzburg. Last year the basics of material, construction and manufacturing technology were conveyed, this year the event deepens the topics of material selection, topology optimization, additive manufacturing and composite materials. Lectures provide information about the latest developments in these areas and show best practice examples from lightweight construction. In additional practice forums, participants can deepen their knowledge and discuss specific questions. An exhibition complements the user meeting. The two-day event is aimed at product developers and designers in machine, plant, equipment and vehicle construction, whose task is to reduce the weight of components,so that energy and material can be saved or costs can be reduced.

The main innovations in Hyperworks 2017 include:

  • Model-based Development Suite: The functions of Solidthinking Activate, Compose and Embed enable concept studies, control design, performance optimization at system level as well as control implementation and tests. All three solutions are now part of the platform.
  • Electromagnetic analysis and design: The solutions Flux, for EM simulation of static and low-frequency applications, and Winprop, for modeling wave propagation and radio network planning, were added to the platform as a perfect complement to Feko. Feko is an EM simulation solution for high-frequency EM applications such as B. Antenna design and alignment as well as determining the radiation risk and bio-electromagnetics.
  • Material modeling and manufacturing: Multiscale Designer is a tool for the development and simulation of heterogeneous material systems such as laminated composite materials, honeycomb cores, reinforced concrete, soil, bones and various others. The solutions for production simulation now also include the solid thinking "Click2" products for extrusion, casting and metal forming process simulation.
  • Ease of use and efficient model management: Hypermesh now offers a complete, robust solution for the management of assemblies and model variants, thus expanding the component library and the properties of configuration management. In addition, important new functions for the “Crash & Safety” area have been implemented. With the new Connect-Me-TM tool, all Hyperworks Suite products can be efficiently managed, started and updated.
  • Multi-physical analysis and computing power: All Altair solvers have implemented significant improvements in terms of speed and scalability. Above all, the functions of Optistruct for structural analysis were expanded to support even the most complex, non-linear contact and material models. In the area of ​​flow simulation (CFD), new turbulence and transition models were integrated in AcuSolve, with which the change from laminar to turbulent flow can be recorded.


All new functions and products are presented in the video:


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