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Welding In Steel Construction

Welding In Steel Construction
Welding In Steel Construction

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Video: Structural Steel Fabrication - Marking out & Tacking end cap plate to steel beam. Part 1 2023, February

DIN EN 1090-1 stipulates that locksmiths, metal and steel construction companies for load-bearing components made of steel and aluminum, which are marketed as construction products, must provide proof of conformity. An extensive set of rules controls what needs to be observed. The DIN / DVS paperback "Welding in steel construction" has been an indispensable guide through this applicable set of rules since its first edition. In its fifth edition, which is now available, it also contains all the latest standards relevant to DIN EN 1090-1 and the latest version of the DVS guidelines and data sheets. Compared to the previous edition, the content has not only been updated, but important documents have been added. Among others, the following were added:

  • Leaflet DVS 0701: 2016-08 "Transferability of standard welding procedure tests (WPS)"
  • Leaflet DVS 0703: 2016-08 "Limit values ​​for irregularities of fusion welded joints according to DIN EN ISO 5817"
  • Leaflet DVS 1710: 2015-08 "Welding plan in metal construction"
  • Guideline DVS 0711: 2016-08 “Tasks and areas of responsibility; Welding supervisors according to DIN EN ISO 14731 "


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