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Eplan Further Automates The Engineering

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Eplan Further Automates The Engineering
Eplan Further Automates The Engineering

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Video: Maximilian Brandl about the Future of Automated Engineering 2023, February

Eplan Cogineer, a new development for automated circuit diagram generation, celebrates its premiere in Hanover. Dieter Pesch, Head of Product Management & Development, explains: "We have developed a solution that is as simple to handle as possible, but very innovative in terms of functions." A mechatronic set of rules and configuration interfaces can be created quickly and intuitively without knowledge of a higher programming language.

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Beneficial for users: Experience in macro technology is sufficient. Because exactly these macros serve as the basis for creating the rules. It does not matter whether circuit diagrams are structured according to functional structures or created from a manufacturing-specific point of view. Eplan Cogineer picks up every user exactly where he is and does not require any change in the configuration.

"The 100 percent data consistency from design to construction allows our users to use Eplan Cogineer to precisely handle customer projects in this area without wasting time," says Pesch. "And this is completely independent of the people involved in the process." Eplan Cogineer is characterized by significant time savings through the automatic creation of circuit diagrams, while at the same time increasing quality by avoiding errors.

Documentation at the push of a button

Complete electrical engineering documentation can be created with Eplan Cogineer at the push of a button. This has two key advantages. First: The error-free implementation of the defined rules and models and thus a high quality of the documentation. Secondly, significantly more projects can be created in the same time than was the case by copying and pasting pages and macros. Eplan Cogineer offers data consistency from product structuring to concrete project implementation and supports compliance with norms and standards. This ensures the greatest possible accuracy and maximum efficiency. The first project is generated within a very short time, also thanks to the intuitive user interface.

Easily generate projects in Eplan Electric P8

"Learning by doing" is the motto for users. Eplan Cogineer is a very simple tool for the occasional user as well as for the power user to generate projects in Eplan Electric P8. It does not matter whether machines / systems are already structured according to functional aspects or hierarchized in a system-specific perspective. And when it comes to the working method chosen, the new solution takes a scalable configuration approach: Mixed classic working methods and configurations - for example with manual and configurable sub-projects - can be combined as required. (mz)

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