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Design Maintenance-free, Dynamic And Energy-saving With Lightweight Construction

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Design Maintenance-free, Dynamic And Energy-saving With Lightweight Construction
Design Maintenance-free, Dynamic And Energy-saving With Lightweight Construction

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Video: Energy efficiency and energy savings: a view from the building sector 2023, January

In order to capture a film scene with an even tracking shot, the film camera glides easily and without jerking over a linear rail. Such camera sliders often use a lightweight aluminum construction and large-sized castors to guarantee a smooth and quiet ride.

Franke Linearsysteme also relies on these criteria by means of lightweight construction. a. the British company Slideshot with its linear rails for camera sliders. However, the systems are not only used in film shoots, but also in packaging machines, water jet cutters or in mattress production - in applications where dynamic, light movements are required.

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Lightweight system saves drive energy

The linear systems consist of a lightweight aluminum body with needle or ball bearing castors made of steel or stainless steel. Because the guide systems are made of aluminum, they are 65% lighter than steel guides, according to the company. If the guidance system is lighter, less mass has to be moved, which in turn saves drive energy.

An integrated aluminum roller guide ensures smooth and quiet running. It has good dynamic properties. Special cover disks on the rollers seal the bearing from the outside. Track rollers in an O arrangement should ensure an equally high load capacity from all directions. The rollers are provided with a groove that is adapted to the profile of the track. "With this system, our rollers are guided sideways and an evenly light and quiet run is achieved," explains Dipl.-Ing. Peter Niemeyer, responsible for the development of Franke linear systems. The company can also adapt the rail and cassette profiles precisely to customer requirements.

In linear modules with direct drive, the roller guide does not need transmission elements such as spindles, racks or belts with a tendency to twist and vibrate. Therefore, these modules do not cause unnecessary mechanical losses.

In addition to the topic 3 questions to Peter Niemeyer

Is lightweight construction an issue at all in linear systems?

Peter Niemeyer: More and More! The designers of numerous companies now also pay attention to small masses to be moved in linear systems. Our aluminum roller guide impresses with its performance data - it reaches speeds of 10 m / s and can accelerate at 40 m / s 2. The guides have excellent responsiveness at high repetition rates. Stick-slip effects do not occur and the guidance system immediately achieves full performance. The low weight of the aluminum components enables high speeds with low drive energy.

What other trends can you see in the linear systems market?

Peter Niemeyer: Customers are increasingly asking for maintenance-free systems. When packaging food, pharmaceutical, chemical or technical products, for example, high flexibility and productivity are required - and that with low maintenance and downtimes. For this reason, the trend in the packaging industry is moving more and more towards freedom from maintenance. Because our linear systems are relubrication-free, we meet this requirement.

What are you currently working on?

We are currently working on some customer-specific solutions in the area of ​​linear systems. In all cases, the aim is to save weight and installation space. The topic of lightweight construction is generally very important to Franke. In the rolling bearing area, we have successfully tested prototypes with housing parts made of carbon or from the 3D printer, the same is generally also conceivable for linear systems. Another topic in the linear area is the block price / service / delivery time. Linear systems are subject to high competitive pressure from numerous competitors worldwide. We are in the process of optimizing the production processes in order to achieve the best price-performance ratio and reduce the delivery time. You can already get Franke linear guides fully assembled within 5 days. An online shop for standard tours is under discussion,where we will first check the acceptance of such a procurement path with our customers.

Never re-lubricate the rollers

The linear guides enable the use of lightweight, extruded aluminum profiles as guide rails. In the linear module with direct drive, the magnets of the stator are directly integrated, the motor is in an aluminum housing. This construction makes the axis compact and light. The direct drive enables fast, play-free positioning. Travel speeds of 6 m / s and accelerations of up to 100 m / s 2 can be achieved even under load.

The bearings of the track rollers are lubricated for life. That means the sealed rollers prevent grease from escaping. This means that the bearings do not have to be relubricated and the use of the linear motor axis becomes a neat job. Lubricant-free versions of the guide are also available for special applications. Specially used stainless steel components make the guide system food-safe and washable on request. Even aggressive media such as salt, whey or acid should not be able to harm the tour. The cleanliness certification fulfills the high hygienic requirements that arise when packaging food.

Products for individual cases

Franke's products can be customized and adapted to individual cases. Customers can choose drive and control components - the company takes care of assembly and configuration. Multi-axis structures can also be implemented. Due to its design options, the linear motor axis is used wherever dynamic travel movements, cleanliness and maintenance-free operation are required.

The roller guides are available in 6 sizes. From the compact size 12 to the strong size 45. All sizes are available in one piece in rail lengths of up to 4 m, long lifting distances can be implemented using couplable rails. The company promises to be able to incorporate the careers into any aluminum profile desired by the customer. The cassette plates are freely definable and can be supplemented with additional components. As with the Franke wire roller bearings, it is a matter of realizing the function - a linear movement. (kj)

Supplementing the topic of getting fit for lightweight construction solutions

The 2nd user meeting for lightweight construction will take place on May 30 and 31, 2017 in Würzburg. Last year the basics of material, construction and manufacturing technology were conveyed, this year the event deepens the topics of material selection, topology optimization, additive manufacturing and composite materials. Lectures provide information about the latest developments in these areas and show best practice examples from lightweight construction. In additional practice forums, participants can deepen their knowledge and discuss specific questions. An exhibition complements the user meeting. The two-day event is aimed at product developers and designers in machine, plant, equipment and vehicle construction, whose task is to reduce the weight of components,so that energy and material can be saved or costs can be reduced.

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