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Connect Hybrid Components Cohesively

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Connect Hybrid Components Cohesively
Connect Hybrid Components Cohesively

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Video: MPI Shares Lessons In Going Hybrid 2023, February

Metal and plastic components of hybrid components are usually connected to one another with the aid of non-positive or positive connection elements, such as screws, rivets or overmolding and injection molding. A resilient but also heavy solution that requires two workstations: the forming and painting of the metal part in the sheet metal processing company and the connection with the injection molded part in the plastic processing company. In between, additional time and costs for transport and cleaning must be planned.

The Vestamelt Hylink adhesion promoter from Evonik now bonds the two components to one another without any additional connection technology. The weight is reduced by up to 20% and / or the performance of the component increases compared to conventional solutions. So far, two work steps have been required here: on the one hand, forming the metal part already coated with a copolyamide coupling agent, and on the other hand, injection molding and simultaneous connection with the plastic component.

These two processes are now combined with one another in a new process developed by the IKV: Forming, joining and back injection are carried out in one work step and in one tool. By saving a complete production step, costs and time for forming and transport are eliminated, and production can be fully automated.

Adhesion promoter enables a shortened process chain

The development of the process "Production of structural components by deep drawing and injection molding in the injection mold" by the IKV, funded by the Working Group of Industrial Research Associations Otto von Guericke e. V., could only be successfully completed with the use of Vestamelt Hylink, a bonding agent that creates a material connection between metal and plastic in the injection mold.

Polar plastics such as polyamides or polyphthalamides are particularly suitable as plastic partners. PA6 and PA66 are frequently used. Evonik offers bio-based Vestamid Terra Polyamides 610 and 1010 for improved mechanical properties after conditioning, as well as Vestamid HTplus polyphthalamide molding compounds for increased requirements in terms of temperature, chemical resistance and low water absorption. This further increases the field of application - structural components and other parts in the automotive industry and electrical engineering. (qui)

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