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Autonomous Excavators Can Contain Hazardous Substances

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Autonomous Excavators Can Contain Hazardous Substances
Autonomous Excavators Can Contain Hazardous Substances

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Video: The Driverless Future of Construction Robotics 2023, February

The Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technology and Image Analysis IOSB is currently showing the autonomous excavator Bob ("excavator without operator") at Cebit. Fields of application for the excavator should be the salvage of hazardous substances or the removal of contaminated soil layers. Bagger Bob is intended to be a flexible demonstration and development system to test scalable autonomy functions.

Get an overview of disasters

Robots will act more independently and networked in the future. You work hand in hand with people or independently explore dangerous environments. They develop into autonomous systems that can solve complex tasks, make their own decisions and learn to react to unforeseen events.

After natural disasters such as earthquakes or after industrial accidents, e.g. B. a fire in a chemical plant, the emergency services are dependent on a current and precise overview of the situation. This is exactly what the Bob excavator should be suitable for. Fraunhofer IOSB has developed a system that consists of autonomous vehicles and sensor probes. It makes it possible to explore inaccessible areas without having to put people in danger.

Digital situation table visualizes the information

With the help of a toolbox of algorithms for localization, mapping, obstacle detection and movement planning, robots can move independently in unknown, unstructured terrain.

In addition, they can deploy sensor probes there, which, for. B. Collect more information about hazardous substances in the area. By networking different sensors, a reliable situation picture of the examined area is to be created, which is visualized on a digital situation table for the emergency services. The situation table should be operated intuitively using gestures so that the emergency services can quickly get an overview of the relevant information.

At CeBIT, Fraunhofer IOSB is on the joint stand of Acatech - the German Academy of Engineering Sciences and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in cooperation with Deutsche Messe AG. (kj)

CeBIT 2017: Hall 12, Stand B 63

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