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Calculation Software For Mechanical Engineering

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Calculation Software For Mechanical Engineering
Calculation Software For Mechanical Engineering

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Mesys AG offers standard software for the calculation of rolling bearings and shaft systems, which is used by customers in 25 countries. The shaft system calculation allows the calculation of single shafts up to complex gears with coupling through gears. The shaft system calculation takes into account non-linear roller bearing stiffness, elastic housings or elastic planet carriers for individual load cases or load collectives. Parameter variations allow a quick analysis of the influence of parameters on the system behavior. The calculation programs from GWJ are used to prove the strength of gears. Calculation programs for load distribution in rolling bearings and ball screws are also available.

Delta shows rotor dynamics simulation software

Delta JS AG is developer and supplier of the leading rotor dynamics simulation software Madyn 2000. Customers all over the world trust this product for the dynamic design of rotor gearbox bearing systems, it is said. The software enables the analysis of all rotors, from complex shaft trains for power generation from 1000MW to small turbochargers with speeds of 240000rpm. All common types of bearings are supported (plain bearings, rolling bearings with a module from Mesys, active magnetic bearings) and complex support structures (housings, foundations) can be taken into account. Delta JS also offers rotor dynamic calculations as a service.

Optimally support designers in daily practice

The focus of GWJ Technology, based in Braunschweig, is on the development of high-quality calculation software for mechanical engineering in order to optimally support engineers and designers in everyday practice. The product range of innovative calculation solutions ranges from standard software for classic machine elements also with 3D CAD integrations, through the calculation of entire systems to complex special software for 5-axis milling of gears. Intuitive, clear, easy to use and the right usage option for every user, regardless of whether they are a beginner or an expert - these are the common features that distinguish GWJ software solutions. Competent hotline support, engineering services and topic-specific training round off the extensive user support. (mz)

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