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Requires Little Installation Space

Requires Little Installation Space
Requires Little Installation Space

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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With a length of 16 mm and a diameter of 10 mm, the new motor 1016… SR from Faulhaber achieves a continuous torque of 0.92 mNm. With 5953 min-1 / mNm, 3V, its Δn / ΔM characteristic curve has a particularly flat gradient and thus allows smooth transitions when the load changes. Other features of the motor are its low power consumption, high energy efficiency, as well as minimal vibration and noise. It is therefore suitable as a drive for applications with small dimensions and particularly high requirements, such as precision tools, optical devices or active prostheses.

Like the other motors in the SR family, the 1016… SR DC miniature motor can be combined with a wide range of gearboxes. With the 12/4 planetary gear, for example, it achieves a torque of up to 300 mNm. Low-backlash spur gears are available as a compact alternative for applications where high-precision positioning is important. They can be used to reduce or eliminate unwanted play. Optical and magnetic encoders with a resolution of up to 256 pulses per motor shaft revolution allow precise control of the drive. It can also be linked with numerous controls, from the miniaturized SC 1801 Speed ​​Controller to the MC 3002 Motion Controller to form a complete solution.


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