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Frequency Converters Now With Increased Connectivity

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Frequency Converters Now With Increased Connectivity
Frequency Converters Now With Increased Connectivity

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Thanks to the functions already available in the FR-A800 series for connecting to various networks, system builders and system integrators can monitor their system and adjust individual parameters as required. The system can also be more easily integrated into existing network environments.

Lower connection costs

A new start app will be available for the drive module, which enables many functions to be controlled and monitored from mobile devices. The standard Ethernet connectivity significantly reduces the costs for connecting the frequency converter to an Ethernet TC / IP environment. Engineers can use the FR-Configurator2 setup software to search the network from one location and quickly identify the connected FR-A800-E models. The direct connection via Ethernet not only eliminates the cost of option cards, but also makes setting up, monitoring and adjusting parameters on a FR-A800-E much more convenient.

Reduced downtime

The integrated web server offers additional cost advantages and enables users to refine production settings and reduce downtimes by connecting directly to the device. The frequency converter can be accessed directly via a standard web browser using an Ethernet cable or via remote VPN access worldwide. This connection option enables the user to conveniently monitor the status and make adjustments. It also simplifies fault diagnosis and improves response times during maintenance. (mz)

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