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Germany Has The Highest Job Satisfaction In Europe

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Germany Has The Highest Job Satisfaction In Europe
Germany Has The Highest Job Satisfaction In Europe

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What makes employees happy at work? Fairness and respect are particularly important to employees. If this is the case, workers say three times as often that they work happily. However, there is often a lack of this: only around two thirds of those surveyed experience respect and fairness in their jobs (67 percent). This was the result of the study “The time is right. Work happily”by personnel service provider Robert Half, for whom employees in Germany and seven other European countries were interviewed.

Similar to respect and fairness, the issues of “freedom” and “identification” are the same: If you feel that you can carry out your work yourself or are proud of your employer, you go for 2.4 and 2.3 More likely to be happy at work. But these two influences are also less pronounced than the other factors: only 60 percent are proud of their employer and only 62 percent experience personal freedom at work.

The result: a quarter of the respondents (26 percent) are considering leaving the job in the next six months. A challenge, as Sven Hennige, Senior Managing Director for Central Europe and the Netherlands at Robert Half, knows - and not just for the employees themselves: “Dissatisfaction at the workplace also has disadvantages for the employer. If it is not recognized early, the productivity and commitment of the individual, but also of the team, will suffer. Because the colleagues often have to compensate for the unfinished tasks or the lack of results of the unmotivated employee. Companies should act urgently here."

The study also examined who is responsible for happiness at work. Almost half of the respondents (46 percent) see the responsibility equally distributed: However, more than one in three expects the company to ensure happiness in the workplace.

"Employees and employers have to help ensure that the work is satisfactory," says Sven Hennige. "Both sides should know what is really important to them and communicate it honestly. Employers therefore lay an important cornerstone for satisfied employees in the recruitment process."

The personnel manager says: “By clearly naming their requirements and expectations from the start, applicants feel that they are treated fairly and respectfully. This not only increases the likelihood that the right candidate will agree. It also means that the employee quickly feels comfortable and works more motivated, innovative and productive,”concludes Hennige.

The personnel agency has listed a total of six points that contribute significantly to job satisfaction:

1. Worker and job have to go well together, 2. Workers must be able to take responsibility in the workplace, 3. experience honest appreciation, 4. perceive their work as meaningful, 5. be treated fairly and respectfully and

6. Find a positive working atmosphere.


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