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Lightweight Construction Pays Off For Machine And Plant Builders

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Lightweight Construction Pays Off For Machine And Plant Builders
Lightweight Construction Pays Off For Machine And Plant Builders

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In contrast to aircraft and automobile construction, lightweight construction in machine, plant and equipment construction is still at the beginning of development in many companies. Lightweight construction is complicated, lightweight construction is expensive, lightweight construction is useless - these are the many flat rates, as the authors of the manual state. This is one of the reasons why, in their opinion, lightweight construction finds it difficult to find the way into the operating reality of small and medium-sized companies from these industries - lightweight construction means, with application-oriented use for the industry, real added value and thus a competitive advantage thanks to lower costs and more sales.

User meeting lightweight construction

We show the most important strategies of lightweight construction

According to the IPA, the relevance to lightweight construction for machine, plant and equipment construction is constantly increasing due to the constantly increasing demands on the products in terms of dynamics and costs. According to the findings of Leichtbau BW, the relevance of lightweight construction in the field of mechanical engineering has increased by eight percent annually, based on publication activities.

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Mechanical engineers generate added value through lightweight construction

The handbook first analyzes how promising entry into lightweight construction can be based on the experience of companies in the introduction and implementation process of concrete lightweight applications. 22 companies from the mechanical engineering, plant and equipment construction industries that have already successfully implemented lightweight construction were surveyed. This enabled them to increase the performance of their machines and systems, create unique selling points and consolidate their competitive situation.

Advantages through lightweight construction in dynamic applications

Especially in high-performance and dynamic applications, the authors of the study see clear added values ​​that can be generated through lightweight construction, such as the implementation of large accelerations while increasing precision. Other advantages include more energy-saving processes and mechanical engineering solutions for customer applications that would not be technically feasible without the use of lightweight construction principles. Even with static machine components, lightweight construction makes it possible to save material, reduce manufacturing costs and generate added value.

Manual gives recommendations for action for first steps

The main part of the manual is dedicated to successful best practice examples. With the help of more than 20 lightweight construction products, it is shown how material and weight savings with high rigidity can be achieved using new design options through additive manufacturing. Other examples illustrate the possibilities of material substitution with CFRP, for example. Thanks to the weight saving, the machines gain dynamism and precision. Examples of cost and material savings through topology optimization are also presented.

At the end of the handbook, the authors derive options for action from the analysis of obstacles, potentials and needs - with a special focus on the needs of SMEs. The AG Hybrid Lightweight Technologies of VDMA, IG Metall Baden-Württemberg and Leichtbau BW GmbH contributed to the manual.

Supplementary information on the subject of the lightweight construction user meeting in construction practice: getting fit for lightweight construction solutions

The 2nd user meeting for lightweight construction will take place on May 30 and 31, 2017 in Würzburg. Last year the basics of material, construction and manufacturing technology were conveyed, this year the event deepens the topics of material selection, topology optimization, additive manufacturing and composite materials. Lectures provide information about the latest developments in these areas and show best practice examples from lightweight construction. In additional practice forums, participants can deepen their knowledge and discuss specific questions. An exhibition complements the user meeting. The two-day event is aimed at product developers and designers in machine, plant, equipment and vehicle construction, whose task is to reduce the weight of components,so that energy and material can be saved or costs can be reduced.

Further information: www.anwendertreff- Leichtbau.de

Support for lightweight construction for SMEs

Prof. Thomas Bauernhansl, head of Fraunhofer IPA, sums up: “Lightweight construction makes sense where added value can be achieved. The manual provides clear information here. However, expensive lightweight materials and complex lightweight structures can only be economically manufactured using the latest automated and networked production technology.”The project manager of VDMA AG Hybrid Lightweight Technologies, Dr. Walter Begemann, added, "We are convinced that lightweight construction is also worthwhile in machine, plant and equipment construction if it is used in accordance with requirements." Understanding as a guide, the handbook therefore supports SMEs when getting started with lightweight construction.

The manual can be requested free of charge from Dr. Christoph Birenbaum: [email protected] or is available online at www. Leichtbau-bw.de/service/publikationen.html. (mz)

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