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For Use In Central Control Concepts

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For Use In Central Control Concepts
For Use In Central Control Concepts

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Due to its enormous flexibility, the new system concept can be used in many different applications and is ideally suited for highly dynamic packaging and production machines, says Parker Hannifin.

Different axis versions available

If several servo axes with one, two or multi-axis modules are required on the system side, a multi-axis version with a central network module is available. Power supply modules and axis modules are connected via the common DC bus and thus enable a higher energy efficiency of the system. In addition, the compact design of the PSD series reduces the space required in the control cabinet to a minimum. For smaller machines with few axes, for example labeling machines, Parker offers a single-axis version in the lower performance range that does not differ functionally from the multi-axis version.

Focus on optimal applicability

During the development of the PSD series, the focus was on optimal usability, for example in terms of fast wiring, clear operation and simple replacement. As a standard, a modern "single-cable solution" is used as the feedback system, so that the motor feedback cable is unnecessary. This reduces wiring and installation costs. Thanks to an integrated SD memory card, all relevant information can be quickly backed up when the device is replaced.

Safety first

With the FSoE (Functional Safety over Ethercat) protocol, Parker has a particular eye on safety technology. Thanks to the Ethercat communication, there is no additional wiring effort. The powerful, freely programmable safety controller is integrated as an expansion module in the Ethercat network. As an FSoE master, it can address all safety components with FSoE, including safety inputs and outputs as well as PSD drive controllers with integrated safety technology.

All safety functions can be configured, for example safe shutdown, SLS (Safely-Limited Speed) or SLP (Safely-Limited Position). Parker's safety controller meets the requirements of IEC 61508 SIL3 and DIN EN ISO 13849 PLe. The complete system, consisting of PSD servo drives, PAC controllers, safety controls and safe inputs and outputs, can be programmed centrally using the Parker Automation Manager software. (mz)

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