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Individually Designed Motors For Table Centrifuges

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Individually Designed Motors For Table Centrifuges
Individually Designed Motors For Table Centrifuges

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"We have been supplying well-known manufacturers of benchtop centrifuges with suitable drive solutions for many years," explains Wolf Meyer, product manager at Groschopp Vertriebsgesellschaft. Regardless of whether the customer chooses an induction, reluctance or commutator motor - the drive solution must always meet the special requirements of centrifuges. It is particularly important that it enables the required speeds, sometimes up to approx. 26,000 min-1. Despite this comparatively high speed, the devices must never become too hot. By individually designing the winding, Groschopp can not only reduce engine heating, but also keep energy consumption as low as possible.

The motors used in table top centrifuges must also have dimensions that are as compact as possible and run particularly quietly and with low vibration. The material distribution - for example the design of the flanges - also plays a major role here. A small shaft deflection is also helpful, which is achieved by keeping the bearing spacing as small as possible. The experts from Groschopp guarantee increased concentricity through a defined balancing quality. The selection and quality of the rolling bearings and the lubrication also affect volume and vibrations. Groschopp verifies all measures by measurements in the centrifuge - because this is the only way to optimize the motor depending on the centrifuge. The best prerequisites for centrifuges where everything runs smoothly in the truest sense of the word. (ud)

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