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Optical Precision Measuring Machine For Quality Assurance

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Optical Precision Measuring Machine For Quality Assurance
Optical Precision Measuring Machine For Quality Assurance

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Video: Opticline : Shaft Measuring Machine,,,product by Jenoptik Germany 2023, January

Atos Capsule is e.g. B. used for initial sample testing of gears, turbine blades and wheels and medical components, says Gom. In addition to surface deviations from the CAD, shape and position tolerances and detailed information are derived automatically.

Novel housing construction

According to the manufacturer, Atos Capsule combines its own technologies such as blue light technology and the triple scan principle with a new type of housing construction that offers dust and splash protection for industrial use. The necessary process reliability for automated applications as well as precise measurement results would be achieved through maximum rigidity of the unibody housing.

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Atos Capsule is automatically used for measurement and inspection in the standardized Atos ScanBox measuring machine. The Atos ScanBox is a complete optical 3D measuring machine developed by Gom for quality control in the production and manufacturing process. Flexible and partly mobile solutions are available for different component sizes and applications. With the Atos Plus photogrammetric extension sensor, larger or more components can be measured simultaneously in the Atos ScanBox with greater overall accuracy.

The Atos Capsule is available in two versions with different levels of detail and records 8 or 12 million points per measurement with changeable measuring ranges. The dimensions, the low weight and the short working distance of the sensor facilitate its handling in practice. (jv)

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