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Hannover Messe Merges MDA And Industrial Automation

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Hannover Messe Merges MDA And Industrial Automation
Hannover Messe Merges MDA And Industrial Automation

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Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Messe AG, seemed pleased when he announced an exciting topic for the Hannover Messe 2018 to those attending the press conference. "The fair has given thought to changes regarding Industry 4.0," said Köckler. And they stem from the fact that mechanics, electrical engineering and automation are growing more and more together and the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. These changes are reflected in the market and the Hannover Messe will now react to them. "From a technological point of view, industrial automation and MDA have always moved closer together in recent years," explains Köckler. Therefore, the annual industrial automation merges with the biennial MDA to form the annual Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD)."A one-year trade fair rhythm for the exhibitors of drive and fuel technology is the right answer."

Industry 4.0 brings MDA and industrial automation together

The Hannover Messe itself sees itself strengthened by the merger in its position as the leading trade fair for Industry 4.0. Because now it offers an annual view of the entire solution from the component to data management in the cloud.

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Dr. Gunther Kegel, Chairman of the Board of Pepperl + Fuchs and Chairman of the Automation Association at ZVEI and Chairman of the Industrial Automation Advisory Board, is one of the strongest supporters of this cooperation. As he told himself, the ZVEI had the idea of ​​a cooperation with the VDMA as early as the year 2000, but this failed because the VDMA represents more than just electrical drive technology. At first it was the case that many exhibitors from the field of electrical drive technology exhibited annually as part of the Industrial Automation at the Hanover Fair, the others at the MDA. He was all the more pleased that Christian H. Kienzle, managing director of Argo-Hytos, board member of the VDMA fluid technology association and chairman of the MDA board, was now open to the merger. Cone:"The exhibitors who see themselves as an integral part of networking can now come every year."

Drive and fluid technology wants to exemplify new networks

Of course, the MDA is a lighthouse fair and is rooted in drive and fluid technology. But digitization is omnipresent here too. That is why Kienzle is certain: "There must be new networks and medium-sized companies in particular have to enter into new partnerships." And you want to be a role model here. “It is important that we and the drive and fluid technology companies don't let us down. As an association, we have to set an example and create the marketplaces accordingly.”

Nevertheless, the annual rhythm is a major change, and possibly also a major financial burden, for many VDMA members. However, together with the Hanover Fair, some obstacles were removed: Cemat will be added as the leading trade fair from 2018 and the drive and fluid technology will have its largest “customer” on site. In addition, according to Kienzle, the trade fair company also made concessions in pricing in order to make it easier for companies to switch to annual trade fair participation. For companies that still want to maintain the two-year rhythm, the exhibition areas will be available in 2019, which will be occupied by Cemat in 2018:

Hall design should nevertheless represent industries

From 2018, the IAMD exhibition spectrum will encompass a broad field: manufacturing, process and energy automation, robotics, industrial IT, hardware & service, production technologies and services, as well as components and systems for drive and fluid technology, pneumatics and hydraulics, sliding - and rolling bearings, geared motors, linear technology and sealing technology. Kienzle is not afraid of no longer showing the industries: “When designing the halls, we want to get the idea that it will remain an industry fair for drive and fluid technology. But we will also open up because there are many suppliers to our industry that we want to integrate.”Dr. Anyway, Kegel is sure that this division will no longer be relevant in the future:“In Hall 14 there was also a leading world trade fair for sensors. But that's completely irrelevant. It was understood that the cross-sectional technologies were represented. In the beginning, you might have to show that it's about industries, but it grows over time.”

The foreign representations were also informed about the changes at the same time, because the new leading trade fair should also appear there as Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives. It should be a synonym for Industry 4.0 from Germany.

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