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Schaltbau Shows Patented Arc Extinguishing Process

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Schaltbau Shows Patented Arc Extinguishing Process
Schaltbau Shows Patented Arc Extinguishing Process

Video: Schaltbau Shows Patented Arc Extinguishing Process

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Video: Schaltbau - Revolution in handling DC and AC electric arcs 2023, January

At this year's Hannover Messe, Schaltbau is focusing on the power protection range CT. With their patented arc extinguishing process, the company wants to achieve real device safety. The new technology effectively prevents contacts from welding or burning, and the entire device is even destroyed in the end. The power contactors are designed for a nominal operating voltage of 1.5 kV to 3 kV and continuous currents up to 1100 A. In compliance with the current standards, UL approvals are now available for selected CT contactors. They are used in inverters for energy storage and PV systems, test benches in the vehicle industry and quick charging stations for electric buses.

Universal contactors for battery storage systems

According to the company, the new C195X universal contactors are predestined for use in battery storage systems for network stabilization due to their bidirectional design: emergency shutdowns are possible in both charging and discharging modes. With a current carrying capacity of 320 A you can switch voltages up to 1500 V.

In the snap switch area, the extremely low failure rate (1 FIT) and up to 10 million switching cycles are to ensure that all Schaltbau snap switches are in demand as components in many safety applications: safety switches in protective doors, gear limit switches in cranes and wind power brakes, medium-voltage switchgear. Extremely robust versions of these switch solutions are also resistant to heat, chemicals and shock loads.

Dust and pressure water tight connectors

Harsh environmental and operating conditions should not be a problem for Schaltbau connectors either. The M series is dust and pressure water tight and largely resistant to aggressive liquids and vapors. This makes the connectors ideal for rough use in food packaging machines, tunnel lights, mining and power plant construction. (sh)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 11, Stand D27

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