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Polymer Material Meets EU Fire Protection Standard

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Polymer Material Meets EU Fire Protection Standard
Polymer Material Meets EU Fire Protection Standard

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Video: Fire Testing Procedures 2023, February

In traffic engineering, durable, resilient and reliable mechanical engineering components are important. When used with high cycle rates under changing weather conditions, a maintenance-free endurance run is particularly important. The use of wear-resistant Igus high-performance polymers not only eliminates the need for external lubrication, it also saves valuable resources thanks to optimized sliding pairings with high efficiency. With Iglidur RW370, Igus has now introduced a new plain bearing material that, in addition to these properties, also meets the new European standard for rail vehicles.

Iglidur RW370 for increased fire safety

Because where there are special safety requirements, special materials must be used. EN 45545 standardizes country-specific EU fire protection regulations and thus increases safety in rail vehicles and the railway infrastructure. With the new material, Iglidur RW370 not only meets the requirements of this standard, but at the same time offers high media resistance combined with high wear resistance. The new material is used in door guides and hinges, swivel joints, access stairs and seat and table adjustments, among other things.

Polymer storage technology in a variety of applications in railways

The new material is part of a wide range of Igus warehouse technology in rail technology. In addition to the Iglidur RW370, Igus also offers high-load bearings made from Iglidur Q2, for example, which are used in undercarriages, braking systems and clutch systems on railways. In addition to plain bearings, Igus also offers maintenance-free screw drives for movement in switchgear, point, door and ramp drives. This program includes not only different thread pitches and sizes, but also different designs up to lifelong play-free solutions.

Particularly convenient for the customer: the product finder and the service life calculation on the Internet. The Igus range also includes the lubrication-free xiros polymer ball bearings, which are maintenance-free for life. Igus also has the right solution for comfort in daily operation: slide rail systems for seat adjustments and ergonomic requirements at the workplace are free of play and vibration-damping thanks to the PreLoad (preload) function. (mz)

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