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Adhesive For The Plastics Sector

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Adhesive For The Plastics Sector
Adhesive For The Plastics Sector

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The new Weicon Easy-Mix RK-7300 adhesive from Weicon is a fast-curing, solvent-free structural and construction adhesive based on MMA (methyl methacrylate).

The adhesive hardens with high strength and is viscoplastic. It is impact-resistant and should withstand both static and dynamic loads. Special fillers (glass balls) that have been added to the product should ensure a constant adhesive joint of approx. 0.25 mm. According to the manufacturer, the adhesive enables a maximum gap bridging of 1 mm.

Bonding of plastics

The adhesive should adhere very well to various plastics and show a high strength build-up. According to the company, high-strength bonds are possible even with difficult-to-connect low-energy plastics such as PE or PP.

"The RK-7300 can be described as a universal all-rounder when it comes to bonding a wide variety of plastics," says Holger Lütfring, product manager at Weicon.

The area of ​​application of the new adhesive is not limited to the permanent connection of different plastics. Its tough-elastic setting should also allow material pairings with different expansion coefficients, such as plastic with aluminum or with steel.

Many uses

The adhesive is said to be particularly suitable for use in the plastics processing industry. RK-7300 is also used in other areas, for example in mechanical engineering or rail vehicle construction. (sh)

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