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In Three Steps To The Maximum And Minimum

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In Three Steps To The Maximum And Minimum
In Three Steps To The Maximum And Minimum

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Video: Finding Local Maximum and Minimum Values of a Function - Relative Extrema 2023, January

Enter the nominal dimension between 0.01 and 500 mm, enter tolerances for the bore and shaft and have it calculated - the new fit calculator from Igus works as easy as it says, with which users can calculate dimensions and tolerances. In addition to the output of maximum and minimum dimensions, the associated type of fit (clearance or oversize fit) is also output. The tool in the slim smartphone app can also be used offline by users, which is particularly advantageous in isolated machine halls or security areas. At the same time, users can switch between the metric and imperial systems at any time if necessary.

In addition to the calculator, there is further information and detailed help on the calculations of the tolerance field via the app. In addition, users can contact the Igus warehouse specialists directly or find out more about the other Igus mobile apps available. The application is currently available in German and English for devices with Android and iOS. An expansion to include even more languages ​​and operating systems is already in preparation. (ud)

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