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Aluminum Terminal Blocks Have Been Successfully On The Market For Half A Year

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Aluminum Terminal Blocks Have Been Successfully On The Market For Half A Year
Aluminum Terminal Blocks Have Been Successfully On The Market For Half A Year

"After a short time, the RKA series has been very well received in the industry thanks to our optimal price-performance ratio," emphasizes Dirk Niestrat, head of the electrical engineering division at the Leipold Group. "Above all, our customers appreciate the additional features that set themselves apart from the competition with a high degree of unique selling point."

The Leipold Group manufactures the new RKA series for different conductor thicknesses in nine different versions. In addition to the common sizes of up to 50 mm², up to 95 mm² and up to 185 mm², the company also manufactures single and double block terminals with a large cross-section of up to 300 mm². Leipold wants to offer a solution for applications that require cabling with large conductor thicknesses.

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Various approvals according to IEC and UL

Basically, all types of the RKA series should be suitable for aluminum and copper conductors. The entire family is certified in accordance with IEC 60947-7-1 and UL 1059 for various markets. Within the UL approval, the terminal series passed the current cycling test.

From terminal size RKA 95 (connecting conductor up to max. 95 mm²), a control line tap for the test tap is integrated as standard in all versions. Twisted screw ends should prevent damage to the conductors in the connection area. According to the manufacturer, a marking system enables different connection conductors to be marked with clips - even when using the optional dust cover.

Due to the variable foot construction, the aluminum terminal blocks are easy to install either on a mounting plate or on the TS35 mounting rail system. They have a compact and ergonomic design. A push-through protection prevents conductors from hitting each other.

Use in switchgear and power distribution

The RKA series should be particularly suitable for installation in industrial switchgear and also in all power distribution systems. For example, they are used in mechanical engineering, in building installation technology, in automation technology or in wind power and photovoltaic systems.

With the RKA series, Leipold is expanding its portfolio with a connection option for many electrical engineering applications. Not only countries with a high copper tendency like Germany benefit from this, as Pascal Schiefer, managing partner of the Leipold Group, explains: “Also for the North American market or Eastern European countries, which like this year's trade fair partner Poland usually have a higher aluminum tendency, is also suitable the RKA series is outstanding.”Above all, the larger cross-sections of the Leipold terminals are intended to enable aluminum to be connected, because compared to copper, the alternative conductor material requires a larger diameter for the same conductivity. (sh)

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