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More Time For Creative Product Development

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More Time For Creative Product Development
More Time For Creative Product Development

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Video: Sustainable Product Design: every gram counts 2023, February

Strength checks and service life calculations must also be carried out safely within the specified development times. By using model and geometry data from CAD systems, decisions and evidence are now determined even more reliably and quickly with Mdesign. Trade fair visitors experience live on site how the transfer and definition effort can be significantly minimized with new Mdesign CAD integration options.

New for the screw calculation

Screw connections are one of the most popular proofs of strength and safety. With Mdesign Bolt, these are provided and recognized within a very short time in accordance with standards, in accordance with the VDI 2230 guideline. The new Mdesign Multibolt version now also supports the determination of loads and forces in bolt patterns according to VDI. Interested parties also learn which new flange shapes can be calculated. This not only provides rotationally symmetrical, but - and this is new - reliable results for rectangular and randomly arranged screw flanges already in the dimensioning and design phase.

Wide Mdesign spectrum for drive technology

Mdesign also presents new fields of application for gear and gear calculation. These include innovative calculation options for plastic gears or the use of other basics such as DNV and AGMA. Together with the partners of the TU Dresden and Drive-Concepts GmbH, topics related to the simulation, overall behavior and operational strength of machine elements and assemblies are also discussed.

Fast access to parts and components, also mobile

The online reference work previously known as the Roloff / Matek component catalog is presented with a new name and a modern design to match the Hanover Fair. Mdesign components is not only characterized by a significantly faster and more precise search function, but is now also optimized for mobile devices. This means that the component search can now be carried out using a smartphone or tablet, regardless of location, using up to four characteristics and finding new solution partners. (mz)

Mdesign at the Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 24, Stand B29

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