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With The Doppelganger Through The Smart Factory

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With The Doppelganger Through The Smart Factory
With The Doppelganger Through The Smart Factory

Video: With The Doppelganger Through The Smart Factory

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Capturing Doppelgangers| Adventure cartoon | for kids | EP58| funny | Pleasant goat and big big wolf 2023, February

The digital twin can primarily be described as a set of computer models. This provides the means to virtually design, test and optimize products, product components, manufacturing processes or even entire production plants. For this, the digital twin is also fed with sensor data that provide information about real conditions. This enables products to be developed and brought to market more quickly. The entire smart factory benefits from this, from product development to process planning and feedback loops.

Zwilling encompasses all disciplines of product development

The digital twin encompasses all central disciplines for product development. On this basis, a computer-aided model of the product is created, which can be checked almost 100% already in the design phase. The creation of prototypes with immense development effort is no longer necessary, while the product quality increases.

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Land Rover BAR has already taken advantage of these advantages: Siemens PLM Software has been supporting Land Rover BAR in designing, evaluating, verifying and verifying the America's Cup Class (ACC) catamaran for the British team for around three years to manufacture. The schedule for this is tight. If an extremely competitive racing boat is to be constructed effectively, improvements to the construction are continuously necessary during the development phase. With PLM solutions from Siemens, Land Rover BAR is able to create a digital twin of the boat.

Improve designs quickly and inexpensively

NX is used for digital construction and construction analysis. The software enables rapid changes to designs during the development phase and enables the digital model to be adapted automatically. The basis for this is provided by simulations based on big data technologies or descriptions of product and manufacturing information (PMI). The additional information provides more information about product tolerances and components in order to identify any conflicts that may arise.

Technical changes can be discussed using 3D models of the digital twin. In this way, the design can be improved more quickly and cost-effectively. Teamcenter as a digital data line across all design processes gives everyone involved access to a single source of current product data. The software manages the entire product definition, all revisions and the change process.

Process planning made easy

The digital twin can optimize collaboration between development and manufacturing teams. This makes it easier to plan how the product should be produced or what the production system for the corresponding products should look like.

By calculating the time required for new processes in advance, teams can determine in good time whether the workflow can achieve the average goals per product unit. If not, data can be adjusted and a new simulation run can be started - until it is ensured that the production goals are met. Everyone involved has quick and easy access to the revised plan at all times. If problems are identified during the process, the construction and planning teams can correct them together.

Simulate, validate and optimize systems virtually

A complete production system can be virtually simulated, validated and optimized during production. Logistical aspects are also included: With the help of the digital twin, teams can, for example, design branch solutions of logistics systems that effectively feed production lines. Automated container transport vehicles, rack storage and conveyor belts can thus contribute to the digital twin of the entire manufacturing process - and are therefore an essential part of the Smart Factory.

Flexibility thanks to feedback loops

In the Smart Factory, all events in the physical workshop during production are recorded and made available to the PLM system either directly or via the cloud. There the information is analyzed and the results are shared with product development, production planning or plant planning. This is of crucial importance: especially when the system or manufacturing process changes after the start of production, new ideas are implemented, other working methods are used and additional suppliers are selected. These modifications directly affect the production process. Since production systems are often used for new products over a product life cycle, it is worthwhile to continuously record the data in the PLM system and use it as the basis for new processes.

Twin increases planning security

The digital twin replicates a physical product truthfully - this enables problems to be identified at an early stage, time saved in production and costs from product development to production reduced. In addition, it gives companies unprecedented planning security: Before investing in production, teams already know whether the design can actually be implemented. All data is continuously synchronized with changes and adjustments. So everyone involved is always up to date. With a multitude of features, information and results, the digital twin is more attractive than ever for companies - it is time to play out these advantages.

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Siemens at the Hanover Fair 2017

Siemens AG is showing a portfolio of hardware and software at the Hannover Messe 2017, with which companies of all sizes can benefit from digitization. By simulating machines and systems with digital twins and data analysis, the Siemens offer of the Digital Enterprise connects the virtual and real production worlds - have a look in Hall 9, Stand D35 and in Hall 6, Stand K17. (mz)

* Peter Scheller is Marketing Director NX at Siemens PLM Software.

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