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Process Shortened - Flexibility Increased

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Process Shortened - Flexibility Increased
Process Shortened - Flexibility Increased

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The family-owned company Steinel Normalien AG, system provider in the stamping and forming industry, places high demands on production in terms of accuracy. In the course of permanent process optimization, Steinel was able to significantly reduce its set-up and throughput times with a new machine concept and by choosing the right clamping device. Despite the great effort to convert the lathe from the jaw chuck to other clamping devices, it was not as flexible as desired. With the help of a sophisticated turning concept from Hainbuch, the manufacturing flexibility has increased. Now different parts can be processed and work steps saved. With the help of the overall concept systematically planned by Steinel, two machines could also be saved.

Routine visits bring change

For the two project managers, Michael Tresselt responsible for process development and James Hepfer, shift supervisor in the turning shop, it was time to rethink the machine concept. The previous lathe was to be replaced and two more machines replaced.

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Clamping device

High-precision chuck with non-stick coating

Both agreed on the requirements for the new machine and the clamping devices. "With the new turning concept, we wanted to be flexible and optimize setup. The choice of machine fell on a turning and milling center and in order to be able to change the clamping devices quickly, we needed suitable quick-change systems. We took a close look at some suppliers of clamping devices and their changing systems”.

When Thomas Helfer, representative of the clamping device manufacturer Hainbuch, came to Steinel for a routine visit during this project phase, it was also checked here what quick change systems were available in the program. To date, the two companies had never implemented a major project together.

Three manufacturers in the race

“We created an evaluation matrix for the quick-change systems on the market. After a thorough inspection, Hainbuch convinced us with its clamping devices,”recalls Tressel. Hainbuch scored particularly well with its insensitivity to dirt and the repeatability. Hepfer explains the differences between the two interchangeable systems: “For the competitor, the system works by train, at Hainbuch you have to screw, but it is more precise and stable. If dust particles enter the competitor's change system, accuracy and stability suffer. The layout and the Centrotex interface from Hainbuch convinced us. Hainbuch states that the change accuracy is less than two µm and the competition one hundredth. This is absolutely important for us. We have strict specifications for our workpieces,that we have to comply with,”he adds.

Small lot sizes - big savings

Steinel attaches great importance to flexibility. He has to if the batch sizes for the standard castings and gas springs are very small. Steinel intends to further reduce this with the new concept in order to respond even more and flexibly to customer requests. “If the new programs run well on the machine, the employees have routine and a certain level of security, we will reduce the lot sizes. As of today, we are saving around 60 minutes on setup with the new clamping devices. There is still some room for improvement, but it is well known that practice makes perfect. In any case, the handling with the new clamping devices works excellently for the employees. We also bought the associated Monteq changing device and two mobile containers so that everything is tidy and within reach of the employees.”

There was still training on optimal set-up. “The training courses at Hainbuch are really great, the employees always come back with great ideas and immediately put what they have learned into practice,” praises Tressel. (br)

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