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LED Lighting In Industry

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LED Lighting In Industry
LED Lighting In Industry

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Medwork develops and produces medical technology instruments for therapeutic endoscopy. With a new building, much needed additional space for administration, production, storage and logistics was created. The area grew from 3000 m² to 8000 m². In terms of energy, the company should be fit for the future. Therefore, a sustainable building concept should be implemented that meets the “green building” requirements. An in-house combined heat and power plant covers the company's electricity needs; the waste heat is used by a cold absorption machine to air-condition the rooms. Triple glazing, thermal insulation walls and the consistent use of LED technology for lighting also make the building particularly sustainable. The switch to LED lights was not only about increasing efficiency,maintenance-free operation is also important.

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Tailor-made light

With the construction of a second production building, LED hall lights were to be introduced. The Waldmann Taureo trunking system was used here. It should be energy efficient, low maintenance, easy to assemble and flexible in handling. Thanks to the modular structure, changing requirements can be implemented with little effort. Presence sensors enable areas that are not used to be fully illuminated at all times. Where the lighting is also controlled by daylight sensors, it complements the required amount of light with incident daylight.


Novel LED street lights help to save

For Medwork, the company created an analysis of the requirements, which takes into account the requirements and requirements in the building. This resulted in the lighting concept and the corresponding lighting components were selected. The concept combines optimal visual conditions and energy efficiency. The more demanding the visual tasks are, the higher the illuminance must be set. That is why a needs-based combination of space and work-related lighting solutions has proven itself.

The so-called two-component lighting is used at Medwork in the clean rooms: medical instruments in new buildings are partly manufactured and packaged under clean room conditions. The luminaire components for these workplaces were also selected based on the relevant criteria. In addition to Tameto system lights, Taneo link lights are also used. Closed housings with a flat design are designed to prevent dirt from entering and are easy to clean.

While illuminance levels of up to 1000 lux are available at the workplaces, no energy is wasted for unnecessarily strong illumination of the entire area. The ergonomic two-component lighting should be very pleasant for the Medwork employees. With the dimming function, the amount of light of the workplace-related lighting can be adapted to the visual task and individual needs.

Intelligent light

Medwork also uses luminaires from Waldmann in the office areas. Ataro LED free-standing and table-top lights are used in existing areas and in new buildings. They fit well into the modern, new work environment of Medwork employees, which is based on a communication-promoting concept. Colorful sofas, armchairs and seating cubes offer space for personal exchange in the so-called communication islands between the individual offices. Instead of communicating via e-mail and telephone, the aim is to talk to each other directly and informally. Initially a changeover for the employees, but now the communication islands are used more and more. So that the lighting at the workplaces does not remain switched on unnecessarily, it is equipped with daylight and presence sensors: it only lights up when the space is occupied,adapted to the incident daylight. In addition, the lighting can be switched and dimmed individually if required. (br)

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