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Applying Pressure For The Future

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Applying Pressure For The Future
Applying Pressure For The Future

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Video: If You Feel Pressure - WATCH THIS (You've been Lied to!!) 2023, February

The screw compressor S-4 Optimus should become a highlight. As a development study, the machine shows what the future of "quiet, efficient and smart" can look like. The S-4 Optimus screw compressor is a further development of the S-4 series. The company is presenting, according to its own statements, a product that should be ahead of current technological standards. S-4 Optimus with the output size 75 kW is a prototype on the exhibition stand. New series announced The machine is the first step in the development of a new series that is to be even more reliable, energy-efficient and smarter to control than conventional systems.

For closed control loops

Directly controlled proportional directional valve

In the area of ​​piston compressors, Boge is introducing the new K 15 N2 Booster. For the first time, the system should be able to compress not only compressed air, but also nitrogen from an existing network to the desired final pressure - and it is absolutely oil-free and requires little maintenance. The compressor compresses dry gases between 2 and 10 bar with low pressure dew points down to –40 ° C. The delivery quantity is 2418 l / min with a drive power of 11 kW and a final pressure of up to 32 bar. According to the company, a classic area of ​​application is, for example, laser cutting. (br)

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