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Make Virtual Product Models Sound

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Make Virtual Product Models Sound
Make Virtual Product Models Sound

Video: Make Virtual Product Models Sound

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Video: HOW TO MAKE VIRTUAL 3D SOUNDS! [Binaural, Holophonic] Tutorial 2023, January

When choosing a product, sound plays an important role - after all, nobody wants sounds that are too loud, rattling or unpleasant. The acoustic properties of products are becoming increasingly important in subjective quality assessments. Certain sounds are perceived as pleasant and reliable, while others are annoying.

"In virtual product development, all properties of the future product can already be simulated and assessed, but not the sound properties," explains Dr. Sandra Brix, head of the research project. "The aim of our research work is to auralize virtual product models - to make them audible".

Coupling visualizations with authentic sounds

Based on the scientific expertise in the field of spatial sound reproduction, the Fraunhofer IDMT is working on coupling the three-dimensional visualizations of the prototypes with the corresponding authentic sounds. For this purpose, the machine noises are calculated with the help of acoustic models and made audible with the 3D audio technology Spatialsound Wave from Fraunhofer IDMT.

A special challenge is the simulation of the acoustically correct image of the virtual prototypes in order not only to view them correctly in perspective, but also to always hear them correctly. Because: "The sound of the virtual machine must sound like it is in reality. This is the only way to assess the noise behavior from all directions," explains the project manager.

about the project

In the research project "Acoustically Advanced Virtualization of Products and Production Processes", AVP3 for short, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), two universities and five commercial companies are working on the implementation of the acoustically expanded virtual reality in addition to Fraunhofer IDMT.

Visit us at the joint stand of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Hall 2, Stand C22 and experience the connection of 3D visualization and auralization in a first demonstrator. (mz)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 2, Stand C22

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