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Machine Monitoring Made Easy

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Machine Monitoring Made Easy
Machine Monitoring Made Easy

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Video: SKF PulseTM – Machine Monitoring Made Easy 2023, January

The system consists of a portable sensor that communicates wirelessly with mobile devices. Only the SKF Quick Collect app needs to be installed on the user's smartphone. The sensor provides a variety of operationally important data, e.g. B. in terms of vibrations or temperatures. This data is checked by the app in real time. Through a basic analysis of the data, Quick Collect immediately informs the user about possible problems. In addition, the app saves the knowledge gained for in-depth analyzes and also enables the forwarding of relevant information.

Record important condition data

With this range of services, even beginners should be able to record, collect and exchange important inspection, process and condition data. In addition, the automated diagnosis of the data contributes to simple, brisk and inexpensive machine monitoring, according to SKF. The bottom line, according to the company Enlight Quick Collect, would be that practically every employee would be able to prevent unplanned downtimes.

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The Data Collect app from SKF provides more extensive diagnostic functions. This application provides, among other things, more detailed, color-coded condition analyzes based on ISO standards. In addition, pressures, volume flows or lubrication conditions should be recorded and "electronic checklists" for data collection should be created, which guide the employees step by step through standardized inspection and maintenance tasks. Images and online manuals can be integrated to support this work. In addition, according to the SKF, the checklists are completely freely configurable and can be individually adapted to the respective routines. This can also include, for example, safety-related process steps that serve to protect personnel and the environment.

Remote access to expert knowledge

In SKF's opinion, an additional advantage of SKF Enlight in combination with the Data Collect app is its expanded support options: If the maintenance staff are unable to interpret the data obtained or encounter a more serious problem, they can use the system to help themselves Online support services such as B. network the SKF Remote Diagnostic Services. This gives users direct access to SKF experts.. (jv)

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