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Handling And Feeding Technology For Every Requirement

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Handling And Feeding Technology For Every Requirement
Handling And Feeding Technology For Every Requirement

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In medical technology, food production as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, strict hygiene regulations apply. In order to move sensitive parts in a clean room as gently as possible, Afag has special clean room feeding technology in its program. This corresponds to ISO class seven and is made of low-wear materials, which should ensure optimal hygiene and sterility as well as long-term and reliable use.

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The conveying pots of the solutions are made of stainless steel, sometimes also of aluminum or FDA polyamide. The sorting pots are made of high-alloy and polished stainless steel sheets. For each clean room supply system, the customer receives a material certificate of the medical suitability of the materials used. So that the operator can easily clean the complex systems, Afag manufactures according to its own specifications according to defined construction standards for medical technology applications. The specialist also offers solutions for multiple parts provision in the clean room based on its electrical handling components and systems.

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The new standard feeding component Aflex should meet the highest requirements in feeding technology for small parts, said Afag. The company sees the location of Aflex where bulk goods have to be separated in a time-optimized manner. The component should ensure a high degree of flexibility even with complex and frequently changing part geometries as well as variable lot sizes, which can lead to significantly higher manufacturing efficiency. The solution also has standardized interfaces for robots and axis systems.


At the Hanover Fair, Afag will also be showing a selection of its diverse handling systems such as linear axes, rotation axes, rotary modules and grippers with either electrical or pneumatic drives. The handling systems are suitable for the automotive and packaging industries as well as the medical industry, among others, and can be adapted to all individual requirements, said Afag. (jv)

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