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Positioning Systems With US Visas

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Positioning Systems With US Visas
Positioning Systems With US Visas

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The positioning systems of the Halstrup-Walcher family of 3 implement fast, precise positioning of adjustment axes in machines. The electric drives are now certified for the markets in the USA and Canada for compliance with the test standards according to UL, CSA and ANSI. The certificate is tested and awarded by the accredited NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) TÜV Süd Product Service GmbH according to the guidelines of the American and Canadian authorities. The authorities OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and SCC (Standards Council of Canada) are responsible for safety and health at work and have defined precise regulations for fire and employee protection.Electrical products and machines in particular are subject to a test and certification obligation and must be marked with a test mark that is checked, for example, during workplace inspections.

The time-consuming approval of machine modules or entire streets in the USA is made easier if the individual relevant components of the systems have already been tested in accordance with UL / CSA / or ANSI standards and are equipped with an NRTL certificate. The European tests according to EN or IEC alone are not sufficient and are not recognized. The NRTL certificate is recognized by the authorities OSHA (USA) and SCC (Canada).

The Halstrup-Walcher positioning systems are checked by TÜV Süd for electrical and mechanical safety. The production facility in Kirchzarten is also included. From May 2017, the positioning systems of the 3 series will be consistently marked with the NRTL test mark. The logo certifies conformity with the national test standards for the US and Canadian markets. For this reason, the two country codes will appear next to the test mark.

The positioning systems from Halstrup-Walcher are intelligent drives with an integrated motor, gearbox and absolute encoder. They are available with torques up to 25 Nm and withstand IP protection classes up to IP 68. Various on-board bus communication interfaces (Can-Open, Profibus DP, Device Net, Modbus RTU, Sercos, Ethercat, Profinet, Ethernet / IP, Powerlink, IO-Link) enable easy integration into the machine control. The small drives automatically move the guide rail, the tool or the inspection camera to the new position in the machine process for the new format. For professional format adjustment in machines - now also with easier integration for the USA and Canada. (ud)

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