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Maximum Networking Creates Flexible Production

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Maximum Networking Creates Flexible Production
Maximum Networking Creates Flexible Production

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Video: Eczacibasi Vitra - Dijitalis | Value creation in flexible production network environment 720P 2023, January

Two networked handling and robot systems show at the Baumüller booth how networking optimizes production. The palletizing process of the 3-axis handling and the welding of the robot are done in one process; communication takes place via a Euromap 67 interface. From the control software to the drive, both systems are complete solutions from Baumüller. Baumüller shows how machine modules can be automated optimally for the production process and flexibly depending on the application. The individual modules can be combined to form complete machines and systems or integrated into new or existing systems.

In the system area, in addition to component developments, innovations in software and visualization are the focus. Uniform databases, a wide range of fieldbuses and open interfaces are the basis for flexible and efficient communication and networking. With Baumüller software modules, machine builders and users benefit from preprogrammed, extensive functions that considerably simplify the commissioning of Baumüller components and thus help to achieve short time-to-market and high levels of error security. The blocks can be easily integrated into the programming interface of the respective controller, so that additional programming work is not necessary.

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Visitors can see the intuitive operation of the Baumüller visualization and the advantages of web capability directly at the exhibits. If necessary, the user can conveniently access the visualization of the manufacturing data via smartphone and tablet.

Baumüller offers networking in the service area via sensor-based machine monitoring, which the machine builder or user can couple with various service models. The condition monitoring system improves the availability of machines and reduces costs for service and maintenance. This solution can also be seen at the exhibition stand as part of the overall package.

With the new generation of Box PCs b Maxx PCC04, Baumüller is providing users with a new, scalable and versatile control platform. The industrial PC offers a large number of interfaces, is expandable and thus enables flexible machine construction.

The networking of people, machines and sensors in the industrial sector is constantly increasing. The innovations promote highly efficient, intelligent and flexible production. However, this also increases the threat of cyber crime. To preserve industrial security, Baumüller offers a secure solution for remote maintenance of machines and systems with Ubiquity. The Ubiquity runtime environment is preinstalled in all Windows-based HMIs from Baumüller and can be connected to a domain.

With Ubiquity, Baumüller provides its customers with a means of communication for process control and simple and secure remote maintenance. This means that the condition of the machines can be monitored worldwide and, if necessary, reacted quickly and in a targeted manner. This possibility of quick and precise diagnosis and troubleshooting saves time and costs. Ubiquity thus increases the productivity and efficiency of machines.

Service 4.0: Digitization increases availability

A novelty in the service area is BAUDIS IoT, the predictive maintenance system with comprehensive options. A rough overview of the networked system consists of sensors, a BAUDIS IoT Box and software with big data algorithms. The data is recorded via decentralized sensors on the drive. These record the engine status and can, for example, report bearing damage. The data collected in the Baumüller solution is distributed via the BAUDIS IoT Box. The system can be used regardless of the manufacturer of the automation components and sensors and can therefore be easily retrofitted.

Baudis IoT, actually used for predictive maintenance, creates much greater added value through big data analysis. In principle, machine and system availability in production is maximized through predictable maintenance measures for all types of electrical drive systems.

But Baudis IoT can do much more. The big data analysis used for maintenance can also be used for process optimization. As the system warns when necessary, monitoring increases and increases the production plant's load limits without any damage to the plant. The networking of plants and locations with one evaluation unit enables comparisons and thus further benefits.

Through the long-term collection and evaluation of data, the drive specialist can better identify and implement optimization potential. The evaluation is carried out at any time using the latest algorithms available. In this way, the system is continuously made more intelligent and increases productivity through self-regulating processes to avoid manufacturing errors.

Using the example of a foil bag machine that is automated by Baumüller engineering specialists and equipped with a complete Baumüller system from the control unit to the drive, the automation and drive manufacturer shows how machine modules are optimally automated for individual use and easily configured for complete machines and systems can be.

The DSH servomotor series, which is a derivative of the compact DSC servomotor series with an extremely low cogging torque, has been on the market since the end of 2016. In combination with Baumüller drive electronics, the DSH is therefore suitable for applications that require very high precision and optimal control quality.

In the motor portfolio, expansions in terms of performance and speed are also presented for the DS2 servomotors and the DST2 high-torque series. With one of the broadest motor offers on the market, Baumüller offers various high-torque motors as well as efficient and scalable servomotors and main drives in numerous versions and sizes.

There is also news about drive electronics. The b Maxx 5800 can control up to six axes independently of one another. For example, gantry axes can be controlled within a computer unit. This means that this solution does not require fieldbus communication between the axes and enables extremely fast communication and response times of 62.5 μs. This eliminates dead times for fieldbus communication, tracking errors are avoided and dynamics and accuracy increase.

Another product highlight is the intelligent decentralized servo drive b Maxx 2500. In the b Maxx 2500 Baumüller combines its tried and tested converters of the b Maxx 3300 series with the robust servo motors DSD2, DSC and DSP1. The result is a compact drive with integrated electronics for the high-end area. The b Maxx 2500 has integrated safety technology and can be flexibly integrated into networked drive structures thanks to the large number of supported fieldbus systems.

As a group of companies, Baumüller not only covers the development and manufacture of automation components, but also numerous services for machine and plant construction as well as for machine operators. Starting with project planning and construction, through assembly and commissioning, through to maintenance, retrofit and relocation, Baumüller thus offers support across the entire life cycle of machines and systems.

At the Hanover Fair, machine builders and operators have the opportunity to get advice from the service experts of the Baumüller subsidiaries Nürmont and Baumüller Reparaturwerk on the topics of manufacturer-independent repair, maintenance, relocation and assembly. With over 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a globally reliable service partner with decades of local global experience. (ud)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 14, Stand H12

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