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Intelligent Position Measuring System For Hydraulic Cylinders

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Intelligent Position Measuring System For Hydraulic Cylinders
Intelligent Position Measuring System For Hydraulic Cylinders

Video: Intelligent Position Measuring System For Hydraulic Cylinders

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Video: Liebherr – Intelligent position transducer LiView for hydraulic cylinders 2023, January

Measurement technology According to Liebherr, the completely new measurement concept Liview uses the cylinder itself as a very robust measurement section. The position measuring system consists of the evaluation electronics and two probes. It measures the scattering parameters of the hydraulic cylinder over the frequency range. Liview uses this to calculate the position and speed of the piston in real time. This enables dynamic automation of machines for more efficiency and higher productivity, says Liebherr.

Easy integration

According to the manufacturer, this measurement concept allows all components to be permanently installed. No moving parts in the oil are necessary. This also prevents oil contamination in the event of a defect in the position measuring system, which can lead to a machine failure.

Liebherr designed Liview so that quick and easy mechanical integration should be possible. The evaluation electronics can either be installed directly on the outside of the cylinder or at any location near the cylinder. Only the two small probes need a connection to the piston rod bearing. The probes float on an oil film and are wear-free. With the integration, no further modifications to the cylinder or drilling of the piston rod are necessary, explains Liebherr.

A tailor-made solution for all cylinders

The system's integration concept is designed to ensure that all parts are easily accessible. According to Liebherr, this enables quick and easy service in the event of external damage - without draining the oil, removing or disassembling the cylinder.

The space in the cylinder remains fully usable for the stroke thanks to the minimal integration effort. This means that the complete cylinder length can be used even with the path measuring system installed - without having to adapt the machine design. The Liview concept enables installation in both very small and very long cylinders. The system is therefore generally suitable for all cylinder lengths and piston diameters.

Intelligence for dynamic cylinder movements

The range of functions of Liview can be selected according to the application. This ensures high efficiency in the use of the system, according to the manufacturer. For safety-relevant applications, the system is optionally certified according to EN ISO 13849 PL d or EN IEC 61508 SIL2.

The intelligent displacement measuring system Liview calculates the speed of the piston in real time with a fast measuring cycle of <200 μs. This reduces control latency. This should enable efficient position control of the cylinder. This is particularly advantageous, for example, when dynamically approaching a predefined work area boundary. (jv)

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