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Safe Inclination Sensors With Performance Level D

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Safe Inclination Sensors With Performance Level D
Safe Inclination Sensors With Performance Level D

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The sensors work with a dielectric liquid, the surface of which, like a spirit level, is always aligned horizontally due to gravity. The liquid is between two circular electrodes, one of which is divided into two semicircles. The space is half full of the liquid. The rotation of the sensor changes the capacitances between the two semicircular electrodes on the one hand and the counter electrode on the other. Electronics records this differential capacity and uses it to calculate the angle of inclination.

High accuracy measurement

According to Tecsis, this method enables measurements over 360 ° with high accuracy <0.3 °. Cross slopes and temperature changes have only a very slight influence on the measurement result. The angle resolution of the inclination sensors is 0.01 °, changes in angle can be recorded at a speed of up to 5 ° / s.

The inclination sensors fulfill high degrees of protection, are insensitive to vibrations and shocks and can be used in a wide temperature range from -40 ° C to +85 ° C. Typical areas of application for these inclination sensors are cranes, working platforms, wind turbines or mobile machines.

In addition to the redundant version for applications with PL d, a version with pressure-resistant encapsulation is also available for applications in Ex areas. This means that it can also be used in offshore plants for oil and gas production. (jv)

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