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For Large Contour Changes

For Large Contour Changes
For Large Contour Changes

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Sprue inserts with so-called "banana geometries" should be the solution for realizing hidden sprue markings. Such a geometry allows the plastic part to be molded on from the underside of the component. In addition, the clearly defined tear-off edge guarantees that the sprue is torn off exactly. The high surface quality enables very good flow behavior and thus maximum process reliability during the injection molding process.

With the new sprue inserts E 1693 and E 1694 from Meusburger, additional application possibilities are created thanks to the special tunnel geometries. Using this, tunnel gates with large contour jumps can now be produced quickly and easily. With the “high contour sprue insert” E 1693, connections to the molded part can be implemented behind a shoulder or web or above the parting line. The “Deep contour sprue insert” E 1694 enables connection below the parting line.

The CAD data can be downloaded from the digital catalogs with just a few clicks. As usual, the new sprue inserts at Meusburger are available immediately from stock.


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