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Freely Configurable, Industrial-grade, Low-cost Robots

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Freely Configurable, Industrial-grade, Low-cost Robots
Freely Configurable, Industrial-grade, Low-cost Robots

Video: Freely Configurable, Industrial-grade, Low-cost Robots

Video: Freely Configurable, Industrial-grade, Low-cost Robots
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The Robolink range now includes a 5-axis robot kit with a design optimized according to Igus, which is also available as a pre-assembled arm. The ready-to-connect robot arm should be characterized by great freedom of movement and high stability.

As part of the Robolink program, the company wants to offer low-cost components made of lubrication and maintenance-free plastics and thus enable users to put together individual systems from joints with a wide variety of gearboxes, motors and connecting elements - either with individual self-made components or with a completely pre-assembled articulated arm.

Affordable entry into robotics

Igus now wants to offer the complete solutions of the program with four or five degrees of freedom in two different sizes at a lower price. "With these solutions, we provide users with industrial-grade products that we test in our own laboratory and even use in our own production for pick-and-place tasks 24 hours a day," explains Martin Raak, Product Manager Robolink igus. "We offer the larger version of the new robot arm for loads of up to eight kilograms from a quantity of 1 ready for connection with low-cost control for a medium four-digit euro amount."

According to Igus, this offer could include, for example, the control from the manufacturer Commonplace Robotics (CPR) and the smaller version of the Robolink-D articulated arm with a maximum load of four kilograms; this enables fast handling tasks for loads up to 500 grams to be realized. The controller is equipped with easy-to-use software, which can be used to control robolink D robot arms with four or five degrees of freedom and which only requires an external computer for the installation.

Configure individually

With the new Robolink Designer, customers should be able to select their specific components step by step on an intuitive CAD surface and thus be able to quickly and easily configure their robotic arm individually from the first axis to the tool. "The length of the arm can be varied to perfectly adapt the robot to the respective work area," explains Martin Raak. "The software, which can also be used on a tablet, enables, among other things, a visual simulation of the movements through the rotating joints." Following the configuration, a parts list is issued and a direct request is made to igus. (jv)