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Contact Software Shows IoT Scenarios

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Contact Software Shows IoT Scenarios
Contact Software Shows IoT Scenarios

Video: Contact Software Shows IoT Scenarios

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Video: IoT real life examples: Check these simple but powerful IoT use cases | Serverless + IoT | Episode 2 2023, January

Contact in Hanover shows the great potential of the digital image for industry using concrete IoT scenarios. With Elements for IoT, Contact supports industry with an open platform and coordinated software modules for comprehensive IoT solutions. They help develop smart machines and systems, improve products based on their operating data or implement new value-added services - and can be flexibly combined and expanded depending on the business model. At the leading trade fair Industrial Automation in Hanover, Contact uses the example of a solar system and other scenarios to show how companies can take advantage of digitalization.

Innovation through added value

Contact Elements for IoT gives companies the option to offer innovative value-added services. At the trade fair, the software manufacturer shows this by means of remote monitoring of systems and their components (condition monitoring), in which a system interacts with its digital twin via the Internet. Sensors record the status data during operation, which are collected, compressed and evaluated. Companies can use the data for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance or even product improvements. (mz)

Contact Software at the Hannover Messe 2017: OWL joint stand in hall 16, stand A04

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