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BMZ Manufactures Lithium-ion Batteries For E-mobility Applications

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BMZ Manufactures Lithium-ion Batteries For E-mobility Applications
BMZ Manufactures Lithium-ion Batteries For E-mobility Applications

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The BMZ Group develops large lithium-ion batteries, for example for buses, forklifts, cranes, sweepers, commercial vehicles in seaports and airports, e-taxis, industrial trucks and for e-boats. According to the company, the advantages of BMZ's lithium-ion battery technology are its quick-charge capability and long service life of up to 20 years. They should represent an economically viable alternative for the maintenance-intensive lead acid batteries. BMZ manufactures modular battery systems with 24 V to 48 V, which can be connected in parallel and can be cascaded up to 800 V.

These customer-specific lithium-ion batteries from BMZ are battery cells from the automotive sector. The new technology should meet the highest security and stability requirements. BMZ promises the highest quality for the installed automotive cells. They are said to survive 4000 charging cycles. BMZ is increasingly producing its own cells in Japan for this purpose. At BMZ, module production takes place fully automatically with laser welding robots.

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BMZ works closely with DAKKS accredited Batteryuniversity GmbH (BU), an independent subsidiary of the BMZ Group, to enable all safety requirements and approvals for worldwide shipping and placing on the market. For customers, this should have the advantage of getting all the necessary country-specific approvals quickly and reliably from a single source. The new test benches from Batteryuniversity GmbH are designed to test large batteries for electric cars or electric forklifts. According to the company, the BU's 120 kN shaker can be loaded with a weight of 800 kg and test noise profiles, sliding sine, superimposed sine and shock impulses. (sh)

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