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Cool Breeze For High Tension

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Cool Breeze For High Tension
Cool Breeze For High Tension

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Asynchronous high-voltage motors are actually developed “, Sebastian Schwarz summarizes a common opinion. The art lies in getting something out of mature technology. According to the product manager, Siemens has succeeded in doing this with the compact high-voltage motors of the Simotics HV C series: "With these motors we are heralding a new generation." The two motors are suitable for applications in which water jacket cooling or flameproof enclosure in Ex d IIB design are required. Thanks to a new design concept, the high-voltage motors now score with high power density and reliability under extreme conditions.

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"Until 1989, high-voltage motors were cooled almost exclusively via their fins," explains Schwarz. Siemens then introduced indoor air cooling, in which the cooling air is distributed very evenly. The company is now coming to Hannover Messe 2017 with a completely new approach. The flameproof versions of the high-voltage motors are still rib-cooled, but the developers have integrated pipes into the base that are supplied with cooling air. "This tube cooling has a heat exchanger effect," explains the product manager. "Because hotspots can be cooled better, the performance of the engine also increases significantly." At the same time, a modern fan design with an internal cooling circuit optimizes cooling. The increase in output is in the double-digit percentage range and enables smaller dimensions of the motors.In addition, their reliability increases.

In the water jacket-cooled variant, the Siemens developers have optimized the cooling effect and improved the heat dissipation. The improved temperature distribution also increases reliability and longevity. "We were able to increase the performance range of our water jacket-cooled portfolio to up to 3.1 MW," reports the black.

The housing concept has also been revised. The use of FEM methods made it possible to use material in a way that conserves resources. In addition, the cable ducts are now inside, so the cables no longer have to be routed between the ribs or along the motor. The design measures of the foot structure have also improved the vibration behavior of the housing; the flow-optimized fan hood design reduces noise while maintaining high performance. The compact, pressure-resistant connection box is identical for 6 kV and 11 kV and saves up to several hundred kilograms in weight.

Dynamics in servo technology

While high-voltage motors such as the Simotics HV C for, above all, have to be robust and reliable for applications in oil & gas and marine, dynamics are important in servo drive technology. The aim here is to move small loads highly dynamically and medium and large loads in mechanical engineering very precisely. Siemens has now developed a 1-cable solution for this area. "In servo technology, the trend is clearly towards this solution," explains Siemens product manager Axel Haendler. "They are much easier to handle and install". Typical applications can be found in packaging systems, in digital printing, in pick & place, sorting or bonding machines.

Hanover Fair 2017

Data analysis will be a big topic

Siemens developed the motor of the Simotics S-1FK2 series especially for such applications; it is connected to the Sinamics S210 converter via a single cable connection (OCC). Siemens offers this drive system with power classes from 50 W to 750 W. The inverters are equipped with integrated safety functions and enable fast project planning. The connection to the higher-level control takes place via Profinet and the simple commissioning via web server and one-button tuning.

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 9, Stand D35

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