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Divisible Brush Seal Protects Against Dust And Drafts

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Divisible Brush Seal Protects Against Dust And Drafts
Divisible Brush Seal Protects Against Dust And Drafts

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With the new divisible brush strips, Icotek wants to offer a solution that protects against the ingress of dust and dirt during cable entry. Since the system is divisible, the brush strip can be retrofitted around the cables while the installation is in operation. Lines do not have to be disconnected. The retrofit should therefore not cause any loss of production. According to the manufacturer, the KEL-BES-S fit standard cutouts for 10, 16 or 24-pin heavy connectors. Screws or expanding rivets are used for assembly. A version for M50 cutouts is also available. The assembly is done by snapping or screwing with a lock nut. It is included in the scope of delivery. The KEL-BES-S series is intended for cable entry in switch and network cabinets,Switch boxes and machines are suitable. It is available now.

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Always the right clip at hand

With the new EMC Servicebox Multi, Icotek also offers a selection of the most commonly used shield clamps in one box. The original service box was expanded to include the new multi-shield brackets for top hat rail, direct mounting, busbar and snap-on mounting on sheet metal edges. According to Icotek, the shield clamps in the box have clamping ranges from 1.5 mm to 18 mm and should offer a high degree of flexibility due to the different mounting types. The EMV Servicebox Multi is said to be of great help for on-site assembly, service and maintenance work, and for new developments. (sh)

Cable entry

Cable entry plate with high packing density suitable for tight installation spaces

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