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Ford Creates Immersive VR Experience "Mustang Over Manhattan"

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Ford Creates Immersive VR Experience "Mustang Over Manhattan"
Ford Creates Immersive VR Experience "Mustang Over Manhattan"

Video: Ford Creates Immersive VR Experience "Mustang Over Manhattan"

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Video: POV VR 180 3D | Mustang GT EU | Onboard drive 2023, February

Ford Motor Company uses 3D Excite applications from Dassault Systèmes to create an exciting virtual reality environment. Visitors to the Ford Hub are virtually transferred to the Empire State Building, where they can assemble a Ford Mustang.

High-end 3D in real time

The installation “Mustang over Manhattan” is located in the Ford Hub Experience Center in the World Trade Center in New York and is accessible to everyone. Visitors can get information, have fun and experience the cult moment when Ford put a real Mustang on the visitor platform of the Empire State Building in 1964. Dassault Systèmes' applications have created an immersive VR experience that is not only incredibly real and detailed, but also offers a high level of interactivity. This means that a Mustang can be virtually created in high-end 3D and in real time, which is scalable up to a scale of 1: 1 and displayed with a resolution of 4K.

trip to the past

The experience begins with putting on the VR glasses HTC Vive. Visitors to the Ford Hub can immediately immerse themselves in the extremely realistic environment and relive the moment when Ford brings the physical Mustang to the Empire State Building. Next, they begin the climb and, under guidance, reassemble a Mustang that has been broken down into three parts - just like Ford did in 1964 to get the Mustang onto the building. Visitors then have a 360-degree view of Manhattan - including a fully assembled, bright yellow Mustang. On a narrow board you can also "venture" over the edge of the building.

New ways of presenting

"With Dassault Systèmes' 3D Experience platform, Ford offers a first-class digital experience that generates enthusiasm and emotion around the legendary Mustang," said Olivier Sappin, Vice President Transportation & Mobility Industry, Dassault Systèmes. “We are excited to be part of this innovative project that gives Ford Hub visitors a virtual experience they will never forget. Our applications help automakers use animated content, gamification and VR to stimulate consumer imagination and build strong emotional ties with a brand. Bringing a Mustang to the Empire State Building has never been so easy.”(Mz)

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