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Industrial Ethernet Encoder With OPC UA Interface

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Industrial Ethernet Encoder With OPC UA Interface
Industrial Ethernet Encoder With OPC UA Interface

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Video: What is OPC? UA in a Minute 2023, February

In this way, condition monitoring data such as temperature, error messages, operating times and power supply can be easily transferred to the cloud. According to Kübler, this enables intelligent “predictive maintenance” in SCADA concepts. Configuring the encoder using OPC-UA is also particularly easy, since important settings can be made with any web-enabled handheld. So service technicians can use your smartphone e.g. B. Simply perform a preset, work area, resolution on the encoder; even from a distance.

Save time and money

The optical absolute singleturn and multiturn EtherNet / IP encoders Sendix F58, in the size of 58 mm, are designed for time-critical applications, says Kübler. They should not only support the performance and availability of a system, but also make a major contribution to saving time and costs.

With the robust bearing structure in the safety lock design, the encoders should be resistant to installation errors, shock and vibrations. According to Kübler, the position value transmission is five times faster than with conventional encoders for more performance. The RPI time is 1 ms. This property confirms the use of the encoder in time-critical applications up to 1000 Hz update frequency.

Another feature is the quick start of the encoder. This takes place immediately after the power supply is connected. This means that nothing stands in the way of increasing plant performance and availability and reducing cost-sensitive interruptions. Quick and easy commissioning and configuration is possible thanks to cyclical services.

Redundancy protects against standstill

The implementation of DLR (Device Level Ring) means that a single cable break does not bring the system to a standstill, explains Kübler. Ring redundancy is given.

The absolute singleturn and multiturn Sendix encoders are available as shaft or blind hole hollow shaft variants. The blind hole hollow shaft is designed with 15 mm. Thanks to the protection class IP65 and the temperature range from -40 ° C to 80 ° C, the encoders can also be used in harsh environments. Thanks to the optical sensors, the devices are 100% magnetic field resistant. The total resolution is 32 bits. The devices are certified by ODVA. (jv)


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