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New Absolute Encoders Combine Robustness And Precision

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New Absolute Encoders Combine Robustness And Precision
New Absolute Encoders Combine Robustness And Precision

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Video: Two plate Absolute Rotary Encoders 2023, January

According to Baumer, the product family offers great flexibility in the selection of a suitable sensor thanks to its variety of mechanical, connection and interface versions in sizes 58 mm and 36 mm. Thanks to its compact design, the new series of Magres encoders should also enable use in applications with narrow installation spaces. The EAM580 with Profinet supports the latest communication standards and is equipped with OPC UA for Industry 4.0 requirements.

Certified up to PLd

According to the manufacturer, the firmware of the new series was developed in accordance with the requirements of EN13849. As a result, the encoders can be used as standard components in functionally safe systems certified up to PLd. The encoders are available with redundant scanning and output two position values ​​via Can-Open, which can be checked on the control side for plausibility checking.

The R series EAM580R and EAM360R are part of the new generation of magnetic encoders. Thanks to E1-compliant design for high electromagnetic compatibility, protection class IP 67 and corrosion resistance C5-M, it is designed for demanding outdoor applications, for example in mobile automation. With strand cross-sections of 0.5 mm 2, they also support the use of automotive connectors. (jv)


New encoders with inductive all-round scanning in hollow shaft design

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