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Industrial Robot For Pick-and-place Tasks

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Industrial Robot For Pick-and-place Tasks
Industrial Robot For Pick-and-place Tasks

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Video: High-Speed Pick & Place Robots by Bastian Solutions 2023, January

"With these solutions, we provide users with industrial-grade products that we test in our own laboratory and even use in our own production for pick-and-place tasks 24 hours a day," explains Igus boss Frank Blase.

"We offer the larger version of the new robot arm for a load capacity of up to 8 kg from 1 piece ready for connection for 3200 euros and with low-cost control for a total of around 5000 euros."

It is equipped with easy-to-use software that can be used to control Robolink-D robot arms with four or five degrees of freedom and that only requires an external computer for the installation. With the smaller version of the Robolink-D articulated arm with a maximum load of 4 kg, quick handling tasks for loads up to 500 g can be easily implemented, continues Blase.

Easily configure robots online

With the Robolink designer, interested parties are able to select their specific components step by step on an intuitive CAD interface and thus quickly and easily configure their robotic arm individually from the first axis to the tool. "The length of the arm can be varied to perfectly adapt the robot to the respective work area," explains Blase.

Igus GmbH, Cologne, Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 17, Stand H04

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