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All-in-one Systems Simplify The Prototype Workflow

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All-in-one Systems Simplify The Prototype Workflow
All-in-one Systems Simplify The Prototype Workflow

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Video: Unite Europe 2017 - Making Lions Dance: Wooga’s workflow and tools for animating animals 2023, January

With the new series of 3D printers, designers and engineers can meet the requirements of a wide variety of prototyping applications - from concept review to design validation to functional testing. The user-friendly F123 series is compatible with the Grab CAD print software. It enables the rapid production of cost-efficient prototypes for a variety of key industries, including consumer goods, aerospace and automotive.

The materials FDM Nylon 12CF and Agilus30 also celebrated their German premiere. FDM Nylon 12CF is a carbon fiber reinforced, thermoplastic material that is ideal for rapid prototyping, tooling and the production of finished production parts. It is also so robust that it can make metal unnecessary. This means designers can develop practical and functional designs more than ever. The materials of the Agilus30 family offer more freedom in handling and testing with flexible parts. Additional advantages of Agilus30 are the excellent accuracy of the PolyJet technology, fine details and more realistic products. Applications for which Agilus30 can be particularly beneficial include over-molding, soft film hinges, hoses, seals and plugs, as well as knobs, handles,Traction devices and handles. Agilus30 can also be combined with other materials. This results in a large range of digital materials with different Shore A hardness levels, shades and colors. (qui)

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