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Turck Takes Over IoT Cloud Software From Beck IPC

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Turck Takes Over IoT Cloud Software From Beck IPC
Turck Takes Over IoT Cloud Software From Beck IPC

As the company announced, Turck acquired the industrial cloud software from Beck IPC. At Turck, the software solution should serve as the foundation for the development of its own industrial cloud solutions.

Turck Managing Director Christian Wolf explains: “With the purchase of the sophisticated cloud software from Beck IPC, Turck is taking another step on its way to becoming an automation partner for Industry 4.0. Based on this software, we will be able to offer our customers a mature, future-proof industrial cloud solution in the near future, which we will continue to develop together."

End-to-end encryption increases the security of the stored data

According to Turck, the software from Beck IPC is characterized by its high security standards and its specific tailoring to industrial applications, including in terms of performance and scalability. In addition to end-to-end encryption, a special protocol from Beck IPC increases the security of the stored data.

Since the servers of the Turck cloud solutions are hosted in Germany, the greatest possible data protection is guaranteed worldwide, it is said. In addition to the simple storage of data, the solutions also enable the visualization of processes, the execution of data logs and data reports, and the display of monitoring functions - available around the clock and around the world.

Sensor-to-cloud platform for all industrial areas

"In cooperation with Turck, we see automation as a real sensor-to-cloud platform for all industrial areas for the first time," says Thomas Schumacher, managing director of Beck IPC. Oliver Merget, Head of the Automation Systems division at Turck, adds: “We do not want to unsettle our customers with 'Big Data', we want to offer them 'Smart Data', i.e. only data with useful values, for example with predictive maintenance of unplanned downtimes of systems to minimize. With the new Turck cloud solutions, our customers can sensibly evaluate machine data for their purposes.”