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Pit Stop For Linear Plain Bearings

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Pit Stop For Linear Plain Bearings
Pit Stop For Linear Plain Bearings

Video: Pit Stop For Linear Plain Bearings

Video: Pit Stop For Linear Plain Bearings
Video: Getting Your Bearings On Bearings | GCN Tech Crash Course Ep.5 2023, November

What does the lightning-fast change in a few simple steps and driving in seconds remind you of? Right - at the pit stop in Formula 1. The linear slide bearing experts from Igus also had this picture in mind when they developed the new exchange bearing for the Drylin-W linear systems.

The plain bearing film can be changed directly on the linear rail in just a few simple steps. The bearing, the linear guide or the linear axis is "productive" again after a few seconds. The goal: to reduce assembly work and downtimes to a minimum.

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Change of bearings directly on the rail

The Igus Drylin W replacement bearing has been on the market since spring 2018. “We already saw at the trade fairs that customers are very interested in the topic. The market launch in Germany is accordingly starting very well. In 2019, we are now taking the next step and rolling out the product internationally,”says Stefan Niermann, head of the Drylin linear and drive technology division at Igus.

The bearing change works like this: The side cover of the linear slide is loosened and removed with a screwdriver. With a tool supplied by Igus, the film is pushed out of the sled and removed from the rail. The new bearing can then simply be clipped on and inserted into the slide using the tool. If the side cap is also back on the slide, the bearing change is complete. A pin, which sits in the middle of the side cover, secures the film in the slide.

Alternatively, the exchange can also be carried out with a screwdriver. Igus has provided special recesses on the new slide film and in the slide.

Bearing foil made of high-performance plastic

The bearing foil consists of the high-performance plastic Iglidur J200. “Like all Motion Plastics at Igus, the material is lubrication and maintenance free. In addition, he achieved the best friction and wear results on hard anodized aluminum in in-house comparison tests. And that's what 90% of our leadership profiles consist of,”says Niermann, describing the advantages of plastic.

Warehouse technology

Plain bearings - basics, properties and applications

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The extension to other materials would also be possible for the bearing foil of the replacement bearing. Niermann thinks of the FDA-compliant Iglidur A180, for example: “In the end, what counts is what the customer needs. We listen and find a solution together. By the way, such discussions and discussions with the customer result in many of our new products.”

Exchange bearings available in two new sizes

In November 2018, Igus expanded the exchange warehouse by two sizes. In addition to size 10, it is now also available for linear guides of the Drylin-W series in sizes 16 and 20. "No other sizes are currently planned, as these three variants cover all possible applications optimally," says Niermann.

This means applications in the 24/7 handling area or low-cost robotics. Because where linear guides and axes are in use around the clock, bearings should be replaced quickly and easily. In a conventional manner, the entire slide has to be pushed off the rail, which leads to complex disassembly and recommissioning. Therefore, replacement bearings are already in use here - especially in the new Delta robot from Igus.

Use in adverse environmental conditions

The quick and easy exchange also makes sense when used in adverse environmental conditions that place high demands on the bearings. Because the wear of the bearing foils used there is preprogrammed, Niermann knows: "We think of dust, stand and dirt in foundries, machining or cement plants."

The replacement bearing is available for all existing Drylin-W systems of sizes 10, 16 and 20. Linear guides, linear axes and portals can also be retrofitted.

Manus Award

Igus is looking for exciting slide bearing applications

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