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VDI Guideline Offers Help With Technical Documentation

Table of contents:

VDI Guideline Offers Help With Technical Documentation
VDI Guideline Offers Help With Technical Documentation

Video: VDI Guideline Offers Help With Technical Documentation

Video: VDI Guideline Offers Help With Technical Documentation
Video: Writing technical documentation - tutorial with Confluence 2023, April

Those responsible for the conception, execution and distribution of technical documentation must deal with the appropriate technical means in order to enable the entire publication process in accordance with the defined requirements. In addition to the required document types, the appropriate source and target formats for editing and publishing must also be defined. The new guideline VDI 4500 Part 6 considers the entire publication process with its various process phases.

Increase efficiency in technical documentation

Proven (software) tools are presented and the various file formats are viewed and evaluated. With the VDI 4500 Sheet 6 guideline, users receive decision support for the evaluation and introduction of relevant software systems. Practical examples show applications for different requirements and cost categories. These can also serve as the basis for planning an editorial system that can, under certain conditions, significantly increase the efficiency of an editorial environment.

The guideline offers assistance on the following topics:

  • 1. Phases of the publication process
  • 2. Important source and target formats
  • 3. Software for creating and maintaining content
  • 4. Administration and archiving
  • 5. Generation and publication
  • 6. Structure of software systems
  • 7. Interfaces and cooperation with external service providers (e.g. technical editors or translators)

VDI guideline is available now

The VDI Society for Product and Process Design (GPP) is the publisher of guideline VDI 4500 Sheet 6 "Technical Documentation - Documentation Process - Publishing". The policy will appear in white in September 2019 and will replace the November 2017 draft.

It can now be ordered from Beuth Verlag (+49 30 2601-2260) at a price of EUR 174.70. VDI members receive a 10% price advantage on all VDI guidelines. Online orders are possible at www.beuth.de or www.vdi.de/4500. VDI guidelines can be viewed free of charge in many public display points. (mz)

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